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Our software packages are more affordable than most other vendors on the market today. While still offering a complete turnkey solution for your business.

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The main screen of CBCC is a customizable docking station that can contain a listing of recent entries and their status. Critical dates and release status is displayed instantly on the screen as you open CBCC software. Quick printing of 7501s and 3461 is available from our main screen and Generation for customs transmission is just an easy click of a button. We also provide links for easy access to frequently used Government sites such as the Online Harmonized Tariff, AESDirect, FDA Product codes and CBP website. This site can also be customized for each user


Our company policies and size allow us to customize our software to meet your needs. Your not getting the big box store software package with us.

Deliver Orders, Invoices and Checks are all customized to your specifications with your logo and requirements.

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Software Packages

Import  Abi, Entry Summary, Immediate Delivery, OGA, ACE, ISF.

Our import package covers all of the customs requirements outlined in the CATAIR.  We have extensive databases for storing and retrieving data.  Provided with your maintenance fee is a yearly tariff update.   CBCC is operational in all OGA areas along with being a leader in new Customs programs. 

Export  Air and Ocean.

The export system is incredibly easy to input data and make master file changes on the fly. Old shipments are simply copied as the basis for new files. Standard and custom forms are printed on laser or Dot Matrix printers.


Accounting  A/R, A/P,GL, Exchange, Invoicing.

The accounting system is completely integrated.  Information is passed between each function and data is accessible from all modules

Breakbulk  Master,House, Special Printing.

The purpose of the system is to allow control and reconciliation of breakbulk shipments.