• Ocean Export

Air Export

  • The standard airwaybills are printed in laser or dotmatrix formats. There are provisions for controlling blocks of numbers from the airlines HAWB may be printed singularly or in batches.  Labels can be printed at House or Master level.  Confirmations can be emailed directly from your computer.   Old information can easily be copied to new files to increase productivity.  Using the booking portion of the system it is easy to combine HAWB's with Master and if necessary to remove a HAWB. The following is a list of the basic air export programs


  • Master and House AWB data entry

    Using the airway bill as a guide, we have created a simple, yet robust application. Numerous database look ups, tabs and default information make this progam a breeze. Fortunetly the export software world does not change as much as import. This has allowed us time to refine our program over the last 30 years of operation.

  • Forms

    MAWB, HAWB, Labels, Manifest, Prealerts, Dec's

  • Booking

    Combining Hawb's to Master with confirmed on board reporting

  • Pre stored special descriptions
  • Tracking and Inquiry

    Search by Reference, MAWB,HAWB, with date range filters and many more options

  • Warehouse Receipt control
  • Profit Split Invoicing
  • Databases

    Air lines, Airports, Signatures, Comments, Destination Rates, Export Codes for EU and many more.

  • Special Reporting

    Deliver Orders, IATA control by airline, shippers report, Export summary, Quotation sheets, Insurance report, Master Transfer, List by destination and many others.

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Ocean Export

  • The ocean export system is incredibly easy to input data and make master file changes on the fly. Old files may be
  • AES Interface

    Easily create file to upload to AES, conforming to X12 standards

  • Copy old files to new

    Reduce data entry and errors by copying old files to new

  • Inquiry

    Search for files by MAWB,HAWB,Customer Ref, Export Ref, Document number,Vin and many more.

  • Reports

    Numerous reports including Activity,Vessel movement,Critial date, Insurance,Container Activity and many more.

  • Print Options

    One main program to easily print any of our print options. Including Beneficiary Certificate Bill of Lading,CA customs, Cert of Origin,Commercial Invoice, Confirmations, Dock Receipts,Draft, and many more.

  • Data Bases

    Special Comments,Foreign Ports, Deliver Terms,Tariffs and more

  • Rejected Persons Control

    Search for rejected persons so you don't get in trouble!

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Simple data entry

With field level help and a screen that looks like an airwaybill our screens couldn't be easier to key.

Data lookups

Several databases are used to lookup information

Preset Codes

Accounting and Handling have numerous preset code for faster data entry

Multiple Tariffs

Using the Schedule B or Harmanized tariff is as simple as one check box.

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Ocean Features
One stop printing of all your Ocean Export Forms!

Select a reference and click the files you’d like to print Bill of ladings, Dock Reciepts, Certificate of Origins, SED’s and many more.

AES Direct

CBCC has been a certified software partner of AESDirect since their inception. We transmit our DEC’s directly to AESDirect from within the CBCC Export software.

Uniform design

Similar tabs as the Air Export system to reduce confusion and learning curve.

Computer assigned references

Set your starting reference and let the computer get your new file numbers with one quick right click. Or copy an old reference from the same custom drop down menu.

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