• 7501


  • Communications

    CBCC has various methods to transmit your data to CBP.  It can be set to manually for whenever you would like to send,  We can also set it to transmit at timed intervals automatically. 

  • Spooler

    Our Spooler program displays on screen your results you have recived back from CBP.  We flag and color coade Custom's alerts so there will be no missing crucial information  The spooler allows you to print to pdf saving paper and ink in the office.  CBCC can also automatically email results out to your clients so they know results as soon as you do.  This saves your traffic department time and energy answering customer inqueries in regards to shipments..

  • 7501 Generation

    CBCC runs comprehensive checks to ensure that when you are transmitting your entries we prevent any errors that may occur.   We offer solutions to repairing the entry before it is even entered into US Customs.

  • 3461 Query

    Need the latest status of your entry? Has it been released by Customs? Is it under hold? Has ISF been even filed on this shipment?  Run CBCC's 3461 query and check the status of any entries you have transmitted. Even check the status of any AMS Bill of Lading, House Bill or inbond, see if another broker has filed ISF on a BOL number before you file your own.  The AMS system is at your finger tips to query.


  • Mfg Update

    Update and Query MID's quickly and add to ISF databases in one easy step.

  • ACH Payment

    WIth multiple payment options and automatic payer unit selection.  Paying your daily or monthly statements couldn't be easier.

  • Auto Paydate Change

    Automatically create your pay date changes on files that receice actual arrival or other date changes.

  • Tariff Updates

    Query tariff information on the fly with full tariff updates provided by CBCC at the end of the year.

  • Many more... 

    All of the ABI programs that Customs has in the CATAIR are provided by CBCC.


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Entry Summary(7501)

  • Data Entry

    Key your entry in one minute, with data lookups, field level validation and organized field order.

  • View and Print

    One screen with many functions. View a 7501 or print by intials,reference or all. See the entry status and delete a single sequence if necessary. Automatically print to .pdf for digital storage and optionally email to your customer.

  • Backup and Empty

    Internal backup of entry files to keep your print file neat and clean. Reload at any time for reprints or edits.

  • Automated Invoice Interface (Aii Remote Location Filing)

    As a Broker it is tough to remain competitive in the import world. The bigger Brokerages pump out hundreds of entries a day, but cannot offer their customers the full customer service they deserve. This is where Remote location Filing levels the playing field and allows you to provide all the services the large Brokerages provides with the charm of personalized service. CBCC’s Aii/RLF is simple, with easy to navigate screens and lookups. With CBCC and a National Permit, you can have a Customs Brokerage presence in any port in the United States to file entries all from your local District Port. Call CBCC today and begin competing with the big brokerage houses!

  • Search Customer Entries

    Search and list entry information based on numerous search criteria. Output to printer or .CSV for additional editing.

  • Post Summary Adjustments

    Just in case you need to do a post summary adjustment. Our program has been refined over the years in detail by other brokers.

  • Landed Cost

    Create and Print landed cost with special importing and multiple screens.

  • Withdrawal Display

    View, Print, Delete original withdrawal entries for additional withdraw organization

  • And more....
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3461 Immediate Delivery

  • Reference Inquiry

    Use this extensive tracking and tracing program to find any file with whatever information you have. Look at all of the critical data including traffic, manifest, CBP results and many more.

  • Deliver Orders

    Key and Print deliver orders with ease by pulling in almost all of the shipment information. Use default messages for detailed instructions and add additional hazardous information as needed.

  • 3461 Data Entry

    Using our custom lookups, field level help and quick tabs. Keying immediate delivery entries can be done in seconds with ISF data included.

  • Special Reports

    With over 30 different reports to choose from. Including activity with value, duty,frieght Customer logs, Duty due report and so many more. We are confident you will find one that has all of the information you need. Most of these reports were created from customer requests. Let us know what you need and we will make it for you.

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OGA Other Governmnet Agency

  • I.T.

    Simple data entry and printing of all types of 7512 Immediate Transportaion forms.

  • Meat Inspection, CF3311, CF7523 forms

    Sometimes computers seem like glorified type writers, but with data lookups and organized keying. They are more than that at CBCC.

  • Drawback

    Drawback is the refund of Customs duties, certain Internal Revenue taxes, and certain fees that have been lawfully collected at importation. This can be a complex operation with many options. CBCC simplifies the process with selective drop down choices and data importing. This program can be a stand alone application if you are looking to save and make money filing drawbacks.

  • Electronic Protest

    Included in our Import package is the electronic protest program. This allows filing, amending and querying of 514 protests, 520(c) and 520(d) petitions and 181.115 interventions, as well as to receive automatic notification of their status from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

  • Reconciliation

    Reconciliation allows the importer, using reasonable care, to file entry summaries with CBP with the best available information, with the mutual understanding that certain elements, such as the declared value, remain outstanding. At a later date, when the specifics have been determined, the importer files a Reconciliation which provides the final and correct information. This is where CBCC comes in. Using our simple data entry program with built in edits, large data importation and summary routines. You can be confident you are submitting your reconciliation entry on time and accurately.

  • Electronic Inbond (I.T.)

    File you own Electronic inbonds through ACE. No need to wait for a clerk at customs to input your paper IT’s, using CBCC’s Electronic Inbond you can file your own and have your shipment ready to move in just minutes. Ocean, Truck, Rail and even Air, move your freight with the confidence. CBCC was one of the original testers of CBP’s Air Inbond program and we have been on the cutting edge of Electronic Inbond since its initial implementation. We have saved our customers thousands of dollars and hundreds and hundreds of hours filing electronically.

  • FDA

    Food and drug should be a painless process. CBCC has an easy to use intergrated FDA screen with access to the online product codes, quantity and container codes. We provide simple BTA (FDA Prior Notice) preset code importing and easy to copy screens to assist in keying redundant information.


    Department of Transportation and Federal Communications information is transmitted within your entry. These are very easy to key with only a few fields to key.


    In speaking to many new CBCC customers, it has come to our attention their previous software vendors are not putting the time or effort into correctly filing Lacey Act information. The Lacey Act was implemented by US Customs in April 2009. CBCC customers have been filing on the appropriate chapter 44 and 95 tariffs since that date. Our easy to use Lacey screens follow directly along with the PPQ505 form from the ADHIS website to keep you and your clients compliant.

  • Many more...
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ACE Automated Customs System

  • ACE Entry Summary

    CBCC is certifed for ACE and we have a number of brokers filing entries using the new ACE system. Our core programs did not change, with only a few additional fields for special ACE entries added.

  • Entry Summary Query

    Query ACE entries using this program with the data returned to our spooler to reduce paper waste.

  • Entry Summary Delete

    Simple and fast delete of entry in the ACE system.

  • Census Warning Query

    This program is used to query entry summeris containing unresolved census warnings in the ACE summary file. Queries may be made based upon the district/port of entry or specific time period.

  • Census Warning Override

    One big selling point to use ACE is the census warning override. Allowing electronic override control for entry summaries containing unresolved census warning.

  • AD/CVD Query

    This ACE only program allows quering by case number or six other search options.

  • Document Imaging System

    A major goal of CBP is to have digital images of forms and documents available to any agency requiring access. CBCC was on the leading edge in the development of this system.

  • Simplified Entry

    This beta program from CBP is not yet available but our coding is done when they are ready.

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Use your initials to identify references and print your own signature directly on all forms.

Online shipment tracking

Give your customers 24/7 online tracking using our Webtracker program

Rich Text Email

You can email your customer critical dates and information all in on html style email.

Data Backup

Online backup of your data is offered for free.  Simply click one button and let it run.

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CBP is constantly updating their ACE system and CBCC is up to date on every release


We don't have yearly release's. We have updates as soon as something is fixed or changed. This faster than normal roll out of software gives you the edge needed in this faster than normal business.

Document Imageing System

Our document imaging system is one of seven currently being tested with CBP

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