• Everyone follows the same requirements for U.S. Customs, but what makes C.B.C.C. better than the rest is our support. We offer friendly, timely, reliable support Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm EST. From your first ABI test entry to that complex multiple invoice, remote file that took all week to prepare. With direct phone and computer support you can count on C.B.C.C. to help you get your job done right and on time.


  • Updates

    Throughout the year we send out updates to cover U.S. Customs changes and our own program enhancements. At the end of the year we also provide a complete tariff update at no charge. Using a secure communications program we connect directly to your system and update your software in a timely manner.

  • News

    C.B.C.C. also sends out a monthly news letter call Output. It highlights Customs news, program changes and updates. Along with some tips and tricks to make our software work better for you. Send us your email address to get on the list.

  • Online Help

    Unlike our competitors, you do not submit a trouble ticket and hope to get help within 4 to 6 hours. Our trained support staff can connect directly to your pc and solve your problems as if we where sitting right there with you. We also utilize Phone, Email and Instant Messenger for even faster support. We have constantly monitored private Message Forum dedicated to CBCC customers so they can ask questions of the staff and get quick information.

  • Custom Programming

    Customizing our software is another feature that sets us apart. Our trained staff of programmers can develop just about anything from simple data entry and laser printing programs to online tracking and everything in between. Give us a call to discuss what C.B.C.C. can do for you.


Call us directly. No trouble tickets, or foreign outsourced support here!

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We try to respond to email within a few minutes and can usually help you and another customer at the same time using email

Remote Help

Using fast remote help software it's like we are right there with you.