• The purpose of the system is to allow the control and reconciliation of Breakbulk shipments. This is accomplished by entering the master bill and the related house bills within the master reference. A cross-reference file is available to contain information by customer showing their broker and any constant charges. These files maybe accessed from the input program to expedite data entry. The system easily outputs Arrival Notices, Reference Logs, U.S. CF 7512 and Billing Records


  • Master and House Data entry

    Simple keying with multiple letters and built in invoicing

  • Create and Print Arrival Notice, Straight bill of lading  and "Authority to make entry" forms.
  • I.T. 7512 Form
  • Create log's of references
  • Invoicing

    Create invoice to upload to accounting system.

  • Details search of HAWB, MAWB, Containers
  • Display of Breakbulk data
  • Reports

    Consolidate loan plans, Bill Lading receipt, special listing by agent or lane number.

  • Breakbulk boxes