Accounts Payable

  • Accounts payable is the method by which we organize bills to be paid, write checks and post results to general ledger and exchange matching.  Write checks with ease using our Accounts Payable Software.  Don’t want to write checks?  All of your ACH Payments created through our Importing software will automatically post to your Accounts Payable files.  Even your Periodic Daily Statement and Monthly statements will post to A/P.   Use the monthly bank statement to remove checks that have been cleared by the bank from the Check Reconciliation File.    Another convenient option is to use online banking to reconcile cleared checks daily or weekly to keep a more up to date Cash Balance.   On top of all of this,   one can display current items paid and unpaid.  Plus, historical data may be displayed by vendor, check number or reference.
  • A/P data entry

    Data enter checks, print or reprint checks and change check numbers from this screen.

  • Check Printing

    Custom designed laser or dot matrix checks are available.

  • A/P Reports

    Check Register

    Daily or monthly

    Age Trial Balance

    Distribution Report

    Check Reconciliation

    Vendor Analysis


    Cash Requirement Report

    Posting to G/L

    Multiple Banks


  • End of Month Processing

    Add accounts payable data to the general ledger at the end of each month.



  • Vendor Maintenance

    Easily add, change or delete vendors.



  • Check reconciliation

    Remove checks from your reconciliation file to keep in line with your bank statement.



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Accounts Receivable

  • The accounts receivable system provides for the creation, maintenance and inquiry of Accounts Receivable information. Easily post bill payments, create advance payments, create statements, and run reports showing what amounts are still due. You can even run a history report that will show what has been paid with details of the payment.
  • Cash Data Entry

    Apply cash to invoices paid

  • Cash Edit and Journal Printing

    Create cash journal reports and deposits slips

  • Cash on Hand

    View your daily cash on hand

  • Inquiry of A/R

    Quickly view a customers statement on your screen

  • Cash Ledger History

    View paid history in any date range

  • Cash Journal Master

    View your cash journal at any moment

  • Posting to General Ledger

    Post your A/R data to General ledger at the end of the month

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Exchange Matching

  • The exchange matching portion of CBCC's software is probably the most important to a broker or forwarder. This is the safety net that keeps control of the exchange of funds which is so critical. Many call this "Accounts Payable" but we feel that exchange matching is a more accurate description of what is occurring. The system is matching billed items against paid items within a reference. When duty is billed it is set up as a distinct liability and this liability is not removed until the duty has been paid. At no time is this amount ever shown as income. One is merely controlling a liability account.
  • Exchange Inquiry and Maintenance

    Quick way to view references in Exchange

  • Exchange Reporting

    Purge all Exchange matching that has a balance of paid and billed items. Create a report showing what was purged

  • Corrections Keying

    Delete a range of references, or delete individual references from Exchange Matching

  • Detail listing by Reference,Vendor,Aged

    Create a report showing exchange matching data by referernce or vendor

  • Cost,Paid and Billed Program

    View all the Billed, and Paid items for one reference

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General Ledger

  • General ledger is the most important aspect of your accounting system. All other areas are correctly called subsiding ledgers. It is critical that the detail from accounts receivable, accounts payable, advance payments, etc. all agree with the general ledger totals. Our system is based on accrual accounting not on a cash basis. Income and expense are applied to the general ledger when items are invoiced or when vendor invoices are received, not when the cash is actually received or paid out. We have three sets of figures retained by the system: the current year, last year and the budget. The Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Reports represent the basic reporting of a general ledger system. By having current year, budget and last year figures available, allows for special reporting and comparisons.
  • Data Entry and Inquiry

    Post all of AP, AR and Sales to the General Ledger, and create Journal Entries and View detailed Inquiries of the GL Data

  • GL Reports

    Create the Profit and Loss report, the Trial Balance, and the Balance Sheet as of the last GL posting date

  • As of Today

    Create the Profit and Loss report, the Trial Balance, and the Balance Sheet as of today’s date.

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  • We try to make the billing process as automatic as possible and eliminate the repetitiveness involved with invoice preparations. This task is accomplished by creating a Billing Master that has all the invoice descriptions and price amounts stored. Each customer is given billing codes from the Billing Master. Every time a customer is billed all of the billing they are designed to receive is populated. We have further automated the process by coupling the information for Entries and referencing with the billing charges many different reports. In addition to all of that, we can setup automated emailing of invoices.
  • Invoice Data Entry

    Simply enter invoices that automatically populate the screen from the reference created.

  • Printing

    Custom invoice with logo's are free of charge

  • Sales Posting

    Post all waiting invoices to AR, Exchange Matching and the Invoice History

  • Invoice History Display

    Display any invoice from history

  • Customer Income Analysis

    View a listing of your customers and the income that you are receiving from them.

  • Posting to G/L

    Post Sales to the General Ledger at the end of the month

  • Invoice History Listing

    View detailed information from your Invoice History for any Date Range you choose

  • Many more...

    Let us know what you need and we will make it for you.

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Accounts Payable

Automatic posting, Periodic Daily and Monthly posting, Customized checks

Accounts Receivable

Create/Email customer statements, Easy view of payment history, Track cash on hand

Exchange Matching

View paid but not billed items and visa versa, View details and totals of activity by reference.


Automatically populates details by reference, Billing codes and prices can be setup for each customer, Invoices can be edited before posting to A/R

General Ledger

Generates monthly/daily accounting reports, View history from the beginning of your business, Create journal entries

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