You must secure this program. Insecure permissions on config.php"; print "
While installing CSLH you might of needed to change the permissions of config.php so "; print "that it is writable by the web server. config.php no longer needs to be written to so "; print " please chmod config.php to not have write permissions for everyone. you can do this by"; print " UNCHECKING the box that reads write permissions for the file:"; print "

"; exit; } } } } } // dbtype either is either: // mysql - this is for Mysql support // txt-db-api - txt database support. $dbtype = 'mysql'; //database connections for MYSQL $server = ''; $database = 'bbustar_cslh'; $datausername = 'bbustar_cslh'; $password = 'Y9AZdA!Il1'; // change this to the full SERVER path to your files // on the server .. not the HTTP PATH.. for example enter in // $application_root = "/usr/local/apache/htdocs/livehelp/" // not /livehelp/ // keep ending slash. // WINDOWS would look something like: // $application_root = "D:\\virtual www customers\\craftysyntax\\livehelp_1_6\\"; $application_root = 'D:/hshome/bbustard/'; // if using txt-db-api need the path to the txt databases directory $DB_DIR = '/'; // if using txt-db-api need to have the full path to the txt-db-api // you must set this property to something like /home/website/livehelp/txt-db-api/ $API_HOME_DIR = 'D:/hshome/bbustard/' . 'txt-db-api/'; ?> 上瑯捩㩥唠摮晥湩摥瘠牡慩汢㩥搠瑢灹⁥湩尠䉜协䥗䙎こ尶佈䕍畜敳獲睜扥扜ㄲ尳灡⹯敢据换楣据潣屭扣捣湩⹣潣屭獣桬捜湯楦彧獣桬瀮灨漠楬敮㔠ਹ上瑯捩㩥唠摮晥湩摥瘠牡慩汢㩥搠瑢灹⁥湩尠䉜协䥗䙎こ尶佈䕍畜敳獲睜扥扜ㄲ尳灡⹯敢据换楣据潣屭扣捣湩⹣潣屭獣桬捜湯楦彧獣桬瀮灨漠楬敮㘠ਰ上瑯捩㩥唠摮晥湩摥瘠牡慩汢㩥椠獮慴汬摥椠屜佂坓义卆㘰䡜䵏居獵牥屳敷屢㉢㌱慜潰戮湥扣捣湩捣浯捜换楣据挮浯捜汳屨潣普杩损汳⹨桰⁰湯氠湩⁥〸ਊ潎楴散›湕敤楦敮⁤湩敤㩸朠瑥潨瑳慮敭⁳湩尠䉜协䥗䙎こ尶佈䕍畜敳獲睜扥扜ㄲ尳灡⹯敢据换楣据潣屭扣捣湩⹣潣屭獣桬晜湵瑣潩獮瀮灨漠楬敮㌠㐳ਊ敄牰捥瑡摥›畆据楴湯猠汰瑩⤨椠⁳敤牰捥瑡摥椠屜佂坓义卆㘰䡜䵏居獵牥屳敷屢㉢㌱慜潰戮湥扣捣湩捣浯捜换楣据挮浯捜汳屨畦据楴湯⹳桰⁰湯氠湩⁥㘲਷上瑯捩㩥唠摮晥湩摥椠摮硥›慭捴楨⁰湩尠䉜协䥗䙎こ尶佈䕍畜敳獲睜扥扜ㄲ尳灡⹯敢据换楣据潣屭扣捣湩⹣潣屭獣桬晜湵瑣潩獮瀮灨漠楬敮㐠㈵ਊ慆慴牥潲㩲䌠污潴愠洠浥敢⁲畦据楴湯焠敵祲⤨漠⁡潮⵮扯敪瑣椠屜佂坓义卆㘰䡜䵏居獵牥屳敷屢㉢㌱慜潰戮湥扣捣湩捣浯捜换楣据挮浯捜汳屨畦据楴湯⹳桰⁰湯氠湩⁥㘴ਸ